IFBB Bikini Pro Noy Alexander has been living the fitness lifestyle since she was first introduced to a weighlifting class in high school some 20 years ago. Noy credits her robust drive in life to the values learned while pushing her physical and mental limits thru this sport. Having competed in numerous Fitness pageants, Powerlifting meets, Figure, and Bikini competitions, Noy applied her life long passion & vast knowledge of fitness and started her personal training business, NoyFit. This site is meant to reach those who either are unable to train with Noy in person or who just want to learn about living a rewarding fitness lifestyle.

Noy encompasses the drive to self improvement both mentally & physically. Noy has been competiting in the fitness arena for 20 plus years. She is continuously honing the art of shaping the female form based on each particular body type, purely because it is her passion, obsession and dedication, earning her the title as a “Bikini Body” specialist.

Noy has much to be grateful for in the lessons she experienced from the beginning of her fitness journey untiI now. Today, she continues to live, eat, breathe and dream the fitness lifestyle.




Having trained myself for 20 plus years and trained clients for 5 years, I know what it takes to get and keep that bikini body the right way. I tailor each program to your specific body type and goals.


I hope this site inspires you. May it help you grow and push you to be a better version of yourself, both physically and mentally. Check back often as this site is continuously updated with tips and all thing encompassing the fitness lifestyle.